Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Leaf

It's nearing the end of summer. It's always special to realize that we are nearly finished with the heat and humidity that makes being outside pure torture. Soon enough, we will have fresh air, cool breezes, color in the trees, and that sweet smell of the earth in autumn. Wishful thinking? Sure. I have been very busy and having fun in the studio. The pure number of UFOs has shaken me into finishing some pieces. Well, that, and the serious need to create order and make additional space!

Our Fiber Art Fusion group put the Transformation Show on exhibit at The Art Place in Marietta from July 24 through August2 22. What a lovely showing of our work! (If I do say so myself) Such a variety of techniques, media, size, textures...as varied as we are as creative individuals in a group.

More on finishing (with pictures to follow soon)...I finally added sleeves to two pieces that were finished over five years ago. Isn't that shameful? (Not the new sleeves, but the length of time these pieces were sleeveless!) A gift for a friend is nearing the home stretch. I'm using her favorite color (yellow), which is quite a challenge for me. But something finally clicked a couple of months ago and I actually like the piece. Also, I have finished a little CQ block for my redecorated bathroom. I noticed that my house was missing CQ and had to fix that situation!

I've been reading voraciously this summer. More than normal (which is saying something). Lots of religious history and Papal encyclicals (try these some time...they are brilliant and quite educational). Also, a lot of fiction. Two friends recently shared a list of the books they have read. I printed the lists, hoping to use their list-making abilities to jump-start my own list.

I've always kept lists -- favorite things, favorite books/movies/quotes/names, things to do before I die, etc. Seems in order to try to list the books I have loved. I also keep journals. Have always done so. I remember my first diaries. I didn't edit what I wrote. Mom found them, and that put my diary writing on hiatus for a while. Then, when I started again in college, I edited what I wrote. But, thankfully, I edged out of that tar pit (a writer could get stuck and sucked into the depths of dark ick), and now write as I think...freely, hopping from topic to topic, writing poetry, writing prayers, assessing today and feelings and thoughts and fears and hopes and dreams. I also keep a creative journal with sketches of little things or special designs that impressed me, ideas for future projects, etc. Also, I keep a journal of my spiritual journeying, my delight in the Grace of God, and my musings of my deepest self in knowing and loving Our Lord and serving Him, and my unending gratitude for blessings and God's gifts. A recent convert to Catholicism, I have had a LOT to write about!

So, come journey with me.