Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And so, it begins

I had to do a mental and literal shake of the head to grab hold of the notion of 2010. I remember when the passing of 1969 to 1970 was of great importance to me. Wow, a new decade! Oh, the delight in being a witness to and a participant in the movemenet of one decade into another!

After 1970, the clocks and calendars conspired to leap and bound in an effort to outpace me. So far, I'm staying the course.

In 2010, I will embark on one of my life's biggest adventures. My path will be rugged and will need a lot of my attention. More on this later in the year.

Also in 2010, I'll tackle several art projects.

A piece for our Fiber Art Fusion show in September with the theme "Movement." The ideas are swirling -- a gypsy woman twirling gleefully by firelight, her colored skirts flashing in the warm light; a simple wave of beads or embroidery, echoed with many colors across the whole piece; or something based on the yin/yang theme, starting with the traditional black and white and radiating with color. I want to surprise myself, so I haven't develped my design yet. I'm still noodling.

A moorish crazy quilt design is in the works that promises to be a colorful, crazy piece.

Our Round Robin in the Fiber Art Fusion group is so much fun. Like a child, I await each month's package being passed to me from Julie (the artist on the list before me). I like not knowing what will come and seeing what other artists have added as embellishment. Our "charge" this year is to work in the abstract and work LARGE. Also, we have to work outside of our comfort zones. I thought, "no big deal." That is, until I picked up the first piece and automatically stated envisioning beadwork. It's nice to walk the line of those old limits and take the path of the intrepid to the other side!

And, then there is the Bead Journal Project. One journal page for each month, with beads. My first piece is almost ready for its close-up. More on this by the end of the week.

May we encounter this new year gently, with reverence, and with whatever stamina it requires. May we use our God-given gifts and our Waterford crystal. May we clear the clutter, reshape all in our purview to please us, and have deeper knowledge of God with every passing day!

My words to live by: compassion, perseverance, passion, sense of awe.

Peace out!