Monday, September 1, 2008

Accomplishing Goals

This four-day weekend has been FULL of activity at the Betz house! Randy has been off, which makes my honey-do list come into play. My list and I have annoyed each other for months. Mostly cleaning pesky, hard-to-reach, full-to-the-max cabinets and closets.

The Church yard sale is a month away -- a shot in the arm to get things done. Corner cabinets in the kitchen ... CHECK! I was actually afraid of what we might find in the nether reaches of those deep, usuable spaces. But, thankfully, no funky surprises. Just old pasta and some even older spices. Funny how, being the only person on earth who cares one whit about those cabinets, it can make my day to know they are fresh and orderly.

Next, the linen closet...CHECK! Oooh Nooo! (Like "Bill" the clay guy on Saturday Night Live used to scream.) The door would only shut with serious coercion, so I haven't used it much in the last couple of years. It is now ready for public viewing! The door shuts like a dream. And three huge bags of good-but-never-used linens are on their way to the yard sale. Does everyone keep all of their Waterford boxes in case they move some day? (see my problem?)

The cats have been trying to keep up with all of this industry, but usually collapse each day for a long afternoon nap. Sam and Doodle are our cats. Both are adopted and have made us laugh every single day. "Sam" is a perfect name for our older cat. He's rather elegant, quiet, not too curious -- just enough. "Doodle," admittedly not a very high-falutin name for such a marvelous creature. started from a string of names beginning with Angus The MacDoodle (a wink and a nod to the Isle of Man for our little manx marvel), moved through Loki Doodle (Loki being the name of the Norse god of mischief), and now, he's just Doodle. Actually, I was having second thoughts about calling him Loki. I thought that perhaps we were invoking the god of mischief...NOT something you need to do when you're already living with two high-energy cats and one only a kitten with a personality as big as all outdoors!

After losing two big, beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs -- Matisse and Heidi -- we are now "cat people." So be it. I receive so much love when Doodle walks across my desk in front of me and loves me with his cheeks and purrs so loudly that I wonder how he keeps from choking. Such love! At 3:00 a.m., it's a little bit of a nuisance, but I still love it. Love is a gift in whatever form it takes. And I never turn down good love!!

No studio time this weekend. Four whole days just looking out there every now and then and having my muse "harrumph" when I do. But, tomorrow, that will change. I have so many new ideas, that I simply must plan on some studio hours in the midst of all that fabric and all of those beads!

I'll post some pictures within the next week of a few works in progress.

Have a blessed week!