Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Blog of a Friend

Nine years ago, I met Cathy at a crazy quilting class at John C. Campbell Folk School. Betty Pillsbury was our teacher. I'm glad to call both of these talented, smart, beautiful, and authentic women my friend!!

Cathy has a prize drawing on her blog. Now, this isn't a seen-one-seen-them-all blog. It's a delight to the eye. Cathy's sense of humor, her love of the art of CQ and collecting is obvious in her postings, and her charm is pervasive. She's sponsoring a give-away. I'd like to invite you to visit her blog: Enjoy!

Having mentioned Betty Pillsbury, you're in for a blog treat there, too! Check out her Web site as well and visit her gallery. Quite the accomplished artist and a marvelously gifted herbalist. Go to:

I'm glad to introduce you to these special blogs!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Feeling Groovy

This week was full of inspiration. Friends. Color. Art. Music (loading my iPod with goodness). Warming temperatures. Riding with the top down (and the heater on). A peaceful mind, but high energy. Tomorrow night, friends are coming for dinner -- a great time to try new recipes. Not sure why, but I always try them on friends first. I started reading two new books. Wrangled with some stacks of paper that threatened to take over my desk. Simple things. Good things.

Want a fun little quiz to create your own rainbow?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

This week at our Fiber Art Fusion meeting, we gave the Round Robin blocks back to the owner. I am thrilled no end with mine. The 11 women who worked on it during the last year added so many beads, buttons, machine and hand-stitching, glitter, and all kind of special effects. I LOVE the result. Great results can come from collaborative art!